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Motel Mozaïque 2010 in the press:

Festival info
“If one thing has become clear again after this edition of Motel Mozaïque, it is that there is much more than hooligans and Feyenoord supporters in Rotterdam. It was not without reason that the theme “the gentle city” was chosen. Although the musical highlights were extremely loud, the entire ambiance this weekend was soft, as befits a festival. Motel Mozaique is much more than watching tapes. It is not without reason that the sleeping places sold out faster than the festival tickets. Motel Mozaique is experiencing Rotterdam. And then you also get a bunch of top bands. See you next year.”

“Within five minutes of Gaslamp Killer dropping his first bomb, the dance floor turns into a mosh pit full of teeming bodies, jumping legs and waving arms. Which other DJ can do that? And what other DJ switches within three records of Mr. Sandman (“give me a bitch”) to Brazilian music and Justice? Gaslamp Killer is the crazy icing on Motel Mozaïque’s birthday cake.”

“Strange but true: Motel Mozaïque’s sleeping tickets sell out faster than tickets for the festival itself. You will only understand the reason if you stay the night at the festival; It is a unique experience to wake up in the window of a gallery or a tent in the middle of the theater square, being cuddled or petted by one of the ‘little ones’ of the festival and then being provided with breakfast. It is these types of activities that give the festival its greatest raison d’être and unique character.”

“Day two does not start in the evening when the first bands perform, but just after noon. The place of action is the Schouwburgplein, where the VPRO has built a church for special sessions and where Fuck Buttons vibrates the last bits of sleep from the eyes. Or shake the neighbors on their hooves. Hooves? Yes, right next to the church a complete sheep pasture has been built where visitors can do felting with sheep’s wool. It is one of the activities that are part of the festival’s special guide program. Dozens of volunteers take groups of visitors on a tour of various special locations in the city center of Rotterdam and provide explanations. You can also just sit in the sun and enjoy the people and the sounds that pass by on the square, and among the festival goers there are also countless colorful passers-by who enjoy the special atmosphere.”

3voor12 in conversation with Harry Hamelink
“The Plaza Mozaique on the Schouwburgplein was a good example of this soft city. A church, including performances on the 3VOOR12 stage, a lawn with grazing sheep and purely radiant faces. The fact that even the sun shone in full glory for two days could not be a coincidence. “We were a bit hesitant in advance to make the Schouwburgplein the central point. It is of course quite cold and bare, but on the other hand it also offers many opportunities. That worked. As an organization, we sometimes forget what impact Motel has on the people. Everyone was happy and excited. This is partly due to the strong programming, but also due to our approach. We stimulate people. We do not impose anything on anyone, Motel is an ideal world full of freedom for two days. That is why the Guide Tours are also essential importance. We want to send people out to explore unknown stories, share emotions and push boundaries. Motel must and will surprise.”