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Motel Mozaïque 2006 in the press:

“Zita Swoon’s ratatouille of soul, disco, folk and rock embodies the variety of the musical rollercoaster that is Motel Mozaïque.”

NRC Handelsblad
“You don’t see that often anymore: a group of young people in a line, waiting in front of the confessional. Visitors to the Rotterdam music and arts festival were not there to obtain absolution, but to check in for their sleeping place. Every year, Motel Mozaïque offers a fusion of art disciplines, and one of the components was the ‘Zalig Slapen’ project.”

“This year, the fun Motel Mozaïque event was once again a welcome treat for the curious music lover.”

“A beautiful combination was that between jazz veteran percussionist Steve Reid and laptop musician Kieran Hebden in the adjacent theater hall of Nighttown.”… “It is from such surprising combinations that Motel Mozaïque derives its raison d’etre, and this year the audience once again proved willing to go along with the experiment.” , as evidenced by the hustle and bustle of the ‘difficult’ music by Wolf Eyes and Battles.”

(after the small theater performance ‘Melting Thoughts’) “That may seem nonsensical, but fifteen minutes later you are standing in the hall, a nice experience richer and with even more desire to surrender to the wealth of theater and visual arts and especially music…”

“Motel Mozaique was not only a top edition in terms of sleeping. This year, organiser Harry Hamelink was very satisfied with the balance between music and other festival ‘attractions’: “In previous years it remained very much a music festival, this year there was also a lot of attention for all the other programs before, during and after the festival. components.”

“We can only hope that the renovation of Nighttown, which will begin soon, can finally ensure a smooth crowd flow next year. If that works, there’s really nothing to complain about anymore. Then Motel Mozaique is blessed for the future.”

“So, that was an intensive and interesting weekend in Rotterdam. A very extensive and overlapping program ensured many sprints between the theatre, Nightown and Tent. There was simply too much to see, too many artists not to be missed.”