Animal Collective, Scissor Sisters, Múm, Clinic, I Am Kloot, The Shins, Zero 7, Grand National, Under Byen, Youngblood Braas Band, maxon Blewitt, Lars Horntveth (Jaga Jazzist), Stijn, Lambchop, Explosions In The Sky, PONI, Miriam Reeders, Sigurdur Gudmundsson, zZz, Magnus, Apparat Organ Quartet, Joost van Bellen, Richard X, Hooverphonic, Drillem, Marjorie Fair, Johnny Hoes and more.


“As visitors you should be very awake and stay awake, if you don’t want to miss too much of the newly expanded offering during the country’s most adventurous arts festival. Run and zap your ass off, for almost two days it has become more popular than ever before. – Rotterdams Dagblad (Jeroen Veenstra and Louis Du Moulin)
“The two-day Motel Mozaïque once again succeeded in connecting art, performance and music in an organic way.” – NRC Handelsblad (Hester Carvalho)
“A large number of the groups that perform there are making their Dutch live debut. This gives the festival a hint of exclusivity, which is also achieved because the quality is high.” – Amersfoortse Courant (Mark Roos)
“’Difficult, ‘easy’ and ‘reasonable’ were the three words this year at the Rotterdam pop festival Motel Mozaïque. The richly varied program with difficult music or easy muzak offered something for everyone at a reasonable price. The adventurer had plenty to do.” – BN de Stem (Eelco Bouwels)
“There are guides who take us to places that they think make Rotterdam special. From parks to works of art to restaurants to places with beautiful views. Motel Mozaïque is a festival that radiates the passion of the people who put it together.” – 3VOOR12 (Erwin Blom)
“Presenter Giel Beelen does not hide his enthusiasm: ‘It’s happening at Motel Mozaïque. If you want to continue to count, you should be here!’” – OOR (Willem Jongeneelen)

The 2004 edition of Bazar Curieux invided artists like The Libertines, The Faint, Whitey, DAAU, Dani Siciliano, Narcotango, The Album Leaf, Jeroen Offerman and more.

Bazar Curieux 2004 in the press:

“Bazar Curieux is above all a bizarre and transgressive festival evening that guarantees a colorful mix of bands and DJs. Nice detail, the festival only costs a handful of euros. Ten to be exact.” – OOR

“Bazar Curieux, a very feminine festival” – 3voor12

“Bazar Curieux is already of the utmost importance because of the performance of England’s hottest guitar band, The Libertines” – Volkskrant

“A festival that values individuality and the urge to experiment.” – MOJO