The first edition of MOMO Festival took place in 2001 and the program included Zita Swoon, Das Pop, Green Velvet, Kung Fu´s Discothèque, Tom Barman, Red Snapper, Kosheen, Cajmere, Tempovision, AVL – Ville (Joep van Lieshout), Dre Wapenaar, Fucking Dewaele Brothers, Dub Recordings feat. Funckarma, Cosmo Vitelli & Demon.

“The idea behind Motel Mozaïque, a two-day event in the context of Rotterdam 2001, Culture Capital, is hospitality. That is why visitors are offered a place to sleep in TENT for little money. In addition to the capsules, there are several dozen loose mattresses and the Multi Women’s Bed from artist Joep van Lieshout, a wide bunk bed that can accommodate sixteen people (m/f).
The sleepers at Motel Mozaïque are woken up the next day with a foot bath. Their shoes have been polished and a breakfast awaits them, provided by Joep van Lieshout. In Rotterdam they know what hospitality is.”