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Nom.Nos on Tour

Amenti is going on tour! Through West-African myths, the cast of NOM.NOS (‘name us’) will take you on a journey in a search for their original names. All of them, being of West African Diaspora, currently carrying the names of their previous colonisers. Their history wiped, their wisdom taken – but remembered when they know where to look. Amenti Theatre Company premiered NOM.NOS during the last MOMO Festival edition in April. Check out the tour dates below.

Through dance, puppetry, ritual, and oral stories, the cast connects with their ancestors, their invisible lifeline to the Mother Continent, their roots, and the safety and familiarity of the soul. Finding their original names is a tool for them to connect with their ancestors, who seem so far away.
Gil The Gride took inspiration from his roots, tracked back from Cabo Verde to Mali and Senegal, and the origins of the other cast members as well as they all originally come from different countries in West Africa.

Similarities between cultures and belief systems are found, and myths are used as portals to the past and future. NOM.NOS – which can either mean ‘Name Us’ or ‘Our Name’ is a story about the importance of knowing one’s past to shape the future.

Nom.Nos Tour Dates:

20 September -Theater Zuidplein
27 September – Stadsschouwburg Utrecht
05 October – Maaspodium / Afrovibes (Deconstructed)
13 October – Korzo
14 October – Theater Meervaart
27 October – Theater Rotterdam
28 October – Theater Rotterdam
03 November – Felix Meritus
26 April 2024 – Parktheater Eindhoven

Visit for all the details and tickets.