Rotterdam tips: Jeanette Verdonk

At Motel Mozaique, we make the city an integral part of every festival experience. This is why we launched Rotterdam Guides: Our City is Your City, a platform for visitors (and locals alike) that allows them to explore what Rotterdam is all about. Every year, we interview cool locals who recommend their favourites places and things to do around the city.

The fourth interview of the series is with Jeanette Verdonk. Jeanette Verdonk is the marketing manager at BlueCity, a ‘city’ in the city implementing a circular economy, with a focus on sustainability and zero-waste initiatives. Jeanette moved to Rotterdam when she was 17, from a nearby village, and lived in many different areas ever since. From Boijmans van Beuningen to Blijdorp Zoo, she was part of very diverse organisations and initiatives of Rotterdam, so she really knows the ins and outs of it! We spoke to her among the entrepreneurs of BlueCity, admiring a marvellous view of de Maas and the city.

Jeanette talked about her favourites of Rotterdam and recommended areas to explore further! Jeanette will be at the MOMO Playground, as part of our sustainable program. Check out the interview here!

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