Rotterdam tips: David Christelle

At Motel Mozaique, we make the city an integral part of every festival experience. This is why we launched Rotterdam Guides: Our City is Your City, a platform for visitors (and locals alike) that allows them to explore what Rotterdam is all about. Every year, we interview cool locals who recommend their favourites places and things to do around the city.

Our second interview in this year’s series is with David Christelle! He is back, back in biesnies with Bigi Krakti Tjon Rockon! Tjon Rockon and David Christelle are the promises of Grande Loge, a foundation that produces “socially-inspired and innovative performances.” Grande Loge serves as a platform for creators and brings together popular street culture and traditional forms of art. For the MOMO Art Motel, Grande Loge is initiating a nightly sky storm at OASE Rotterdam led by David Christelle. With song, dance and appropriate physicality, you will undergo the softest dreams and your deepest desires will become reality. 

But before you immerse yourself in this year’s Art Motel curated by Grande Loge and hosted by Oase Rotterdam, check out the Rotterdam Guides interview with David Christelle, the man behind the magic. David Christelle talked to us about what spots he loves in Rotterdam, and what he recommends you to do in the city.

He left a little poem for you to read, after you check out the interview!

Pak je krakti
Ontsteek je (infra) faya
Reanimeer polijst je Preikiman
Refurbish je prisiri
Verleid je santa je je tot onheil
Verf grijs de Yonkuman
Kooi je bribi
Omarm je libi
Kiri je placebo leven

Take a look at our diverse line-up, and immerse yourself in the city!

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