Rotterdam Gems at MOMO Festival 2022

MOMO Festival is always an occasion to showcase talents from our city, Rotterdam! Together with the venues, we are glad to invite young artists who contribute in making our cultural life so vibrant and active. We grow together with these local creators and they inspire us in expanding our community!

A special project comes from the collective Opskeer: for Motel Mozaique they created a sculpture that has been exposed at Arminius during our festival. It represents the many facets of Rotterdam and its idiosyncratic architecture.

In the past years, many have been the collaboration with Amenti Theatre Company and its artistic director Gil The Grid. This year they brought to the festival the premiere of their new show Lilith, inspired by the mythical figure who symbolizes suppressed female energy and sexuality. Together with them goes the collaboration with Manusama Nuance: fashion designer Mirjam Manusama is a creator merging different styles and arts, who curated the costumes of Amenti’s premiere. During MOMO Festival, she also presented and exposition entitled Evolving the spectrum between Fashion and Art, with an opening event featuring movement performances and spoken poetry.

On MOMO Playground we had the honour to host rapper Kay Slice, who kicked off our free program on Schouwburgplein with his mix of soul and afrobeat. After him, many other residents performed on stage, including Neema Nekesa and Roufaida.

Throughout our beautiful venues we also had some of the finest representatives of electronic music and alternative pop from Rotterdam and the Netherlands: from youngest names like Moon Moon Moon, Jespfur and Socks;SportsSocks till up-and-coming artists of the (inter)national scene like Elijah Waters, Beau Zwart and Robin Kester.

Pictures by Melanie Marsman and Niek Hage

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