Practical Info for MOMO Festival

It’s MOMO time!

Below all the information you need for your visit, and the how to’s for the best festival experience. We are ready, are you?!

Tickets & wristbands

In order to access MOMO Festival, you will need to exchange your tickets for a wristband. This wristband will give you access to the venues on the day(s) you have bought your ticket for.

How to get your wristband:
You can get your wristband at our ticketing desk (Westersingel) at the following times

Thursday 13 april
17:00 to 23:00

Friday 14 april
13:00 to 23:00

Saturday 15 april
12:00 to 23:00

Location ticketing & info desk: 
Playground area: Westersingel (near Westersingel 25), Rotterdam
On walking distance from Rotterdam Central Station

How to show your ticket:
You can show the ticket on your phone, no need to print 🌱 

Access to the night program:
Your dayticket also gives you access to the night program at Perron, Worm and Rotown. You can access the night venues (Worm, Perron, Rotown) by showing your wristband at the door.

The MOMO app: one app with everything you need

We will work realtime with our MOMO app, make sure to download it to get daily highlights, to see the timetable, and to get updates about the venues and artists.

Get the MOMO App: for timetable, information, venues, FAQ’s & realtime updates. And more!
How to download the MOMO (Timesquare) App for Android/Iphone:

Other ways to view the timetable:
On our website you can also find a digital version of the timetable here. Due to our sustainability goals, we have a limited amount of printed timetables available upon request.

Venues & Map

MOMO Festival takes place at different locations in Rotterdam, you can view our festival map here or download the MOMO app.

All the venues are located in the city center of Rotterdam within walking or cycling distance of each other, except for Brutus (Keileweg 10-18, 3029 BS Rotterdam). In order to reach Brutus (for the exhibition Through Bone and Marrow and the two performances of Black Country, New Road with Ichiko Aoba) we suggest moving by bike or by public transportation.

All our locations have a maximum capacity, make sure to be on time if you would like to see a specific performance (full = full).

Sustainability & Green Discount

We try to minimize our footprint and maximize our social-impact.

Circulair cup system 
We try to avoid the use of single use plastics as much as possible. At our own bars (Playground, Arminius) we apply a circular drinking cup system and we ask you to leave a €1 deposit for your cup. You can support us even more by donating your deposit to our partner de Voedseltuin: a social-sustainable food garden in Rotterdam. 

Green discount 
You can get Green Discount if you walk, skate, use public transport or cycle. We encourage choosing sustainable transport in order to reduce our footprint. When you get to the ticket/info desk at MOMO Playground, show that you have travelled fossil-free and you will get a discount on all drinks and food at the Playground stage (Westersingel). 

Festival news