Photo Gallery: Moluccan Artists at MOMO Festival 2022

During the last edition of MOMO Festival our program had a special line dedicated to artists who are enhancing their Moluccan roots, re-claiming their music culture, and what a celebration it was! 

Arminius hosted a very special performance by Lekranty, a group founded by Julya Lo’ko, including her son Gino-Cochise and other members of their familie, They performed Moluccan traditional songs, re-adapting them to their contemporary music taste and feeling. The spectacular show also featured dancers and some original compositions, which they wrote together, all in the Moluccan language.

The third and fourth generation of Moluccans in the Netherlands, generated a scene of artists who have a close link to their ancestry, together with influences from Western culture; a generation who wants to re-invent what it means for them to be Moluccan through art and culture. 
This is include music artists like RUA and Gino-Cochise, who are experimenting with electronic music, R&B and rap.

Mirjam Manusama presented an exposition named Evolving the spectrum between Fashion and Art. The opening event included a perfomance by Amenti, complemented by traditional drums and Mirjam invited 3 other artists with a Moluccan background (Ruben Manusama, Djé-rimo and Grenache Chissanne) to engage in a conversation through art.

Very important have been the sharing moments were the community was at the centre. On MOMO Playground Evita de Roode hosted a talk were RUA, Mirjam Manusama and Safa Liron could exchange opinions and discuss their experiences and backgrounds.
On Friday, April 22, in the entrance hall of Theater Rotterdam, Jessica Manuputty, Djè-rimo, Kekutiha and Elizar Veerman shared the stage and the performance, during BERAKAR a program curated by Joenoes “JONES” Polnaija.


Manusama Nuance – Evolving the spectrum between Fashion and Art



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