Photo Gallery: Guided Tours at MOMO Festival 2022

Every year during MOMO Festival, our guides lead you to unforgettable locations in Rotterdam and remarkable happenings within the festival. The guided tours have been part of the festival since the second edition and have proven themselves to be a vital feature of the festival. The initiative came from enthusiastic visitors, designers, art & cultural students and other people with heart for Rotterdam and for the festival.

This year too, we had some special projects, including Ishmail Kamara’s tour, where he presented his collections of poems ‘Smile’, inspired by Rotterdam West. Brussels-based Argentine artist Diego Echegoyen created a phonographic performance that made participants zoom in on details that we usually overlook: What shines through two different things. The tours invited our audience to visit hidden areas of Rotterdam, its natural sides and explore our different interaction; to experiment our perception of the city through new ears, new eyes or blindfolded.

Fin out more in our galleries below, through the eyes and the lens of our photographer Huck Sim.

Smile with Ishmail

What shines through two different things

The City is Present

Tegen de stroom in

Steilrand Expeditie – the Art of Zaaien

Mindful Dance Voyage

Gardens Against Rage

The Ace Space

All photos by Huck Sim (Louter Liefde)

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