Parfum de Boem Boem at MOMO Fabrique 2022

MOMO Fabrique 2022 will take place in the M4H, an area in Rotterdam West that is rapidly developing into the newest urban district of Rotterdam where innovation, sustainability, culture, living and learning will become increasingly central in the coming years.

During the festival, Parfum de BoemBoem will take you on two routes through the area on Saturday 3 September, together with the M4H program office. And there is also a night route in collaboration with N8W8 R’dam. Both routes are full of surprises, storytellers, sustainable entrepreneurs, dance and of course music!

MOMO Fabrique ticket buyers can join the tours for free: continue reading to learn more and reserve a spot!

During the day, the guides will take you along in the Galileipark and the Keilekwartier. There will be two different routes in which you can discover a small part of the new area. These routes have been planned in collaboration the M4H program office, which has been working for years to realise the new plans together with the entrepreneurs, the Port Authority and the municipality.

In the M4H area, raw port industry has been making more and more space in recent years for entrepreneurs who give the circular and sustainable industry a boost in a creative way. Collaboration among themselves and with regular port activities is central to this! Get to know what happens in the former transhipment warehouses.

Route Galileipark (2.5 hours)

This route starts at the Citrusveiling and runs past the Stadshaven Brewery and the Future Mobility Park, past the Steur collection building to Royal Roos! The tour lasts two hours with special stories, performances and…tastings along the way!

Route Keilekwartier (3 hours)

The Keilekwartier was the first area where young entrepreneurs settled years ago. These pioneers are now established names in the sustainable industry of Rotterdam and this energy quickly spreads throughout the area and attracts new entrepreneurs. Discover how the area has grown in recent years, and what major changes will happen on this route full of artists, proud Rotterdam entrepreneurs and a visit to the M4H market!

Night route in collaboration with N8W8 R’dam

As soon as the sun has set and the MOMO Fabrique program has concluded the day program with smashing acts… we’ll be on the road again! Together with N8W8 R’dam, Parfum de Boem Boem has created an exclusive ‘walk and dance’ route. Be surprised by the DJs and the nightly harbor industry, because it goes on all night just like us!

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