Nieuwe single Tindersticks

‘We Are Dreamers!’ is de schitterende nieuwe single van Tindersticks en tevens voorbode van hun tiende studio-album ‘The Waiting Room’ (en gelijknamige filmproject) dat op 22 januari ’16 verschijnt. In We Are Dreamers! hoor je naast Stuart Staples ook Jehnny Beth van Savages.

Op 28 februari ’16 presenteren we Tindersticks in de grote zaal van de Doelen (i.s.m. Rotown). De kaartverkoop is al gestart!

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“In January 2016 Tindersticks will release their new album ‘The Waiting Room,’ a milestone not just numerically (their 10th), but musically and creatively. Their first studio album since 2012’s critically acclaimed ‘The Something Rain’ is the most ambitious, diverse and elaborate album you’ll have heard from Tindersticks in recent years. Two decades into their musical voyage Tindersticks, established masters of restraint and poetic human emotion, are a band now confidently creating the best songs of their career.

‘The Waiting Room’ breathes gravity and features guest appearances by Jehnny Beth of Savages and a particularly poignant duet with dear lost friend of Stuart Staples, Lhasa De Sela. Its brass arrangements are by the great Julian Siegel and it comes dressed in a sleeve by legendary french photographer Richard Dumas.

Not only an album, an ambitious collaborative film project also – each track is accompanied by a short film, a visual interpretation by it’s own director. See and listen to the premiere track ‘We are Dreamers!’ here with the short film by Brazilian director Gabriel Sanna.”


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