Nagasaki Swim live at Holbeinhhuis (construction site in Sint-Luciastraat)

Apart from his show at Arminius during MOMO Festival, Nagasaki Swim will give an exclusive performance at the construction site of the Holbeinhuis, hosted by Parfum de Boem Boem on Saturday 15 April.

MOMO ticket buyers can access the performance for free, but we have a limited capacity, so make sure to be at the location in advance! Otherwise you can buy a ticket through Parfum de Boem Boem.

Nagasaki Swim
Rotterdammer Jasper Boogaard has been active in the Dutch independent scene for years, tapping on several fronts: songwriter, ambient music composer, producer and sound engineer. 
His main music project Nagasaki Swim unveils the lyrical depth of cult DIY artists, like Alex G and Phil Elverum (The Microphones, Mount Eerie). At the same time, Boogaard’s songs are lifted by a handcrafted dreamy folk production, soundtracking road trips and nature escapes.

The traces of contractor J.P. from Eester
The contracting company J.P. van Eesteren from Rotterdam has many iconic projects to his name, especially in its own city. For example, they built De Kuip (1937), the Groothandelsgebouw (1953), the Euromast (1960), the Erasmus Medical Center (1966), the Shell building on Hofplein (1976) and also the Markthal (2014)… just to name a few.

Redevelopment Holbeinhuis
The Holbeinhuis, built by a Swiss insurance company, opened in November 1954. Due to the combination of offices and catering, the building was called an attraction for trade and the outgoing public.
It was given the name Holbein House, named after the painter Hans Holbein the Younger from Basel who made the most famous portrait of his friend Desiderius Erasmus in 1523. Erasmus plays a major role in the building anyway. The born Rotterdammer died in Basel, and his journey there is depicted on the side of the facade in a mosaic with 700,000 stones!

DATE: Saturday, April 15, 2023
TIME: 6:00 PM, duration +/- 30 minutes (make sure you are there 15 minutes before!)
LOCATION: Entrance at the back of the Holbein House (Sint-Luciastraat 26)

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