Motel Mozaïque donates profits from MOMO Fabrique to the Voedselbank and Voedseltuin

Hospitality and sustainability are fundamental during MOMO events, but they are core values Motel Mozaïque always stands for, as we strive for improvement for our organisation, for our city and our community.

During MOMO Fabrique, on September 2, we organised a festive dinner with dishes prepared by Chef Gilbert Kolff using (hyper) local food. With the proceeds of the dinner we could make a donation to the Voedselbank and the Voedseltuin, two important organisations for our society who are very active in Rotterdam and especially in the M4H area.

We visited these two locations to share a piece of cake and renovate our mutual support!

When we arrived at the Voedselbank, we immediately met the friendly logistic manager Hans Verkade. He told us the story of their Rotterdam location: located in the M4H, it is the largest and oldest Voedselbank distribution center of the Netherlands; they supply 27 more food banks and their supermarkets in South Holland, Utrecht and Gelderland. He also showed us inside their hub, where many volunteers were busy unpacking, repacking and sorting food that would then be delivered to more than 25 distribution points in Rotterdam.
Samen sterk! More than 300 volunteers are active for this huge work and they are always looking for more help. Check out their website to join the the team!

The Voedseltuin is where we hosted our dinner event: it’s a city garden that offers us seasonal vegetables for our menu; they also offer them, free of charge, to the Voedselbank and other social projects. It is also a place for people to meet new people and learn; from producing food, to being active in the countryside to developing skills.

The project director Tineke Van Der Burg and the volunteers stand up for a healthy city. They are in favour of a sustainable urban society, with healthy food for everyone. Without poverty and social exclusion. With people who actively shape their own lives and take responsibility for each other and their environment. They are a constant inspiration for us and we’re hoping to collaborate again in the future!

The dinner of MOMO Fabrique was possible also thanks to M4H Rotterdam, Blije Wijnen, Kaapse Brouwers, Santas Koffie, Booij Kaasmakers, Cider Cider and Rechtstreex.

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