MOMO Playlists

April 21st gets closer and closer and we are getting ready to celebrate the 20th edition of MOMO Festival. This spring we finally get back in town with the finest new music, performance & art.

Our music program is rich of up-and-coming international artists, local gems and the next generation of European headliners. Do you dig Balimaya Project, s10, Meskerem Mees, STIKSTOF, Sylvie Kreusch, Jockstrap? There is some much more to discover in our multifaceted line-up.
Dive into our MOMO Festival 2022 Spotify Playlist to warm up and you might come across your new favourite artist!

For every MOMO moment a special Spotify playlist. Feeling dreamy, in the need for gritty bangers or uptempo grooves? With these MOMO playlists you’ll not only have the perfect tunes, but you’ll also get acquainted with our line-up

Curated by Real Lies

British outfit Real Lies is bringing to Rotterdam their highly anticipated sophomore album ‘Lad Ash’. Their last single ‘Dream On’ builds on rolling club breaks and pays tribute to the people and nights that change your life forever. To set that mood for their show at MOMO Festival 2022 they curated a special selection of tracks from our line-up!

Curated by Stephanie Afrifa

Stephanie Afrifa is a cultural innovator who collaborated with Vogue Magazine and curated pages of art, literature and culture in Glamour Magazine. She is also a member of Motel Mozaique’s Board and she curated a selection of female artists performing at MOMO 22. Listen to it on Tidal or on Spotify:

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