Rider V11

Name venue: V11
Load in Address: Wijnhaven 101, 3011 WN Rotterdam
Capacity: 100
Website: https://www.vessel11.nl/nl/
Parking: Check with location manager upon arrival

Tech Specs 
Backline Specs
Stage Times 
Financial Info
Dinner Menu 

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Aware of the fact that life in modern society inevitably leaves a significant carbon footprint, MOMO Festival is firmly determined to evaluate its environmental impact and to take measures to reduce it and offset it. Waste treatment is one of the most obvious and most poorly resolved challenges in all societies due to its impact both locally and globally. For the festival, it is one of the key points in its environmental campaign. In this regard, we offer you during your stay at MOMO Festival:

You can go directly to the venue specified for you. Please ask for the location manager (contact details T.B.A. in your callsheet). He/she will give you your wristbands for the duration of the festival and the dinner/ drink tokens (munten).    

On arrival, you will receive a dinner token. Dinner will be served at the venue between 17:00 and 21:00 PM. Do you want to eat after 21:00 PM? Let us know, so we can request it.

Please note that we are a (single-use-plastic free) festival and have limited options concerning the dressing rooms and catering. Unfortunately, we might not be able to provide all of the requested items asked for in your dressing rooms. However, we will provide great festival catering in your dressing room, and will try our very best to arrange as much as you have requested.  

For information about your internals and hotel (when offered) during the festival, please check your callsheet for all the necessary details concerning that. For any questions regarding this, please contact hospitality@motelmozaique.nl

For soloist’s we can offer a maximum of 2 guests. For bigger acts we can offer a maximum of 2 guests per performing artist, with a maximum of 6 guests. The guest tickets are for the day of show and will be send via e-mail to your guest(s). Please send the full name and e-mail addresses of your guests to guestlist@motelmozaique.nl

Would you like to invite press to come and see you perform at MOMO? Please send your request to Katrien: . Please note that we allow press to shoot and film each first 3 songs of your show at MoMo. 

At each venue, we have the option to sell your merchandise. We don’t ask for a commission. In case you would like to sell merchandise please ask the stagemanager on location to show you the spot. We can also offer to arrange a merch seller, for this please send an e-mail to hospitality@motelmozaique.nl.

We ask each performing artist to send a copy of their valid passport. This is needed if in the situation we need to supply proof for taxation reasons.
Payments are done preferably by sending an invoice. All the information about sending your invoice can be found in the financial document.
In the occurrence of cash payments, this will be done during the festival itself. A staff member from the festival will come to the location where the performing artist(s) is playing and make the payment.
We will plan this transaction during your stay at the location however, due to the immense amount of artists, the payment may be done before or after showtimes, depending on the schedule of our accountant.

Artist handling >>> Dennis Koster | denniskoster@motelmozaique.nl

UNEXPECTED CITY TOUR >>> Tired of waiting? Do you still have time before the show and would like to explore the city? Join one of our special artist tours and see, taste and experience the city like a local. Please do not hesitate to contact Leonor | leonor@motelmozaique.nl