• Friday 03:30-04:30 BAR - Main

MOMO Festival 2019

Unit Moebius

psychedelic techno funk

Unit Moebius Anonymous wants to take you with him into a different dimension. He does it with repetitive and paranoid, spiritual yet sexy psychedelic techno funk repetitions and destabilises your world in the process.

Through carefully built loops and unexpectedly penetrating waves and pulses, this godfather of The Hague scene will attempt to alienate you from preconditioned states of consciousness and lead you to be reborn in blackened clubs, cut off from visual stimulation.

Unit Moebius Anonymous is the 2007 rebirth of legendary band Unit Moebius, with key player Jan Duivenvoorden now the lone driving force. His interest in alienating sounds started with a tape recorder aged nine. Constantly hitting the rewind button and looping the same words to sounds he quickly learn to appreciate the power of reception. Experiences at militant Belgian festivals, unintentionally playing Severed Heads records at the wrong speed, gabber, pirate radio stations, 808 State and Underground Resistance all followed and lead him to where he is now.

And that place is being a key part of the West Coast sound of Holland, receiving fan cassettes from as far afield as Japan and hearing Spanish taxi drivers bumping tunes Unit Moebius like ‘Panta Rhei.’ That was the first ever release on the legendary Bunker Records in 1992 and immediately sold out. Since then many more cult classics have followed, from the Status and Work EPs on KK Records to albums like Disco, and have taken in minimalist machine music, jackin acid and pounding industrial.


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