Saturday 18 April

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MOMO Festival 2018




He is Nicholas Dacunha from the banlieue’s of Paris, she’s Faty Sy Savanet form Lemba, the trendy district in Kinshasa, Congo. Its annoying to describe music as stimulating, eclectic and exciting, but that is just exactly what Tshegue is.

The rhythms, the frenetic guitar loops, the slightly upset bass as if from a ghetto blaster and Savanets’ voice that can be heard from miles off. They’ve only just released their EP ‘Survivor’ with no more than four songs, but like they said at VICE:

“This Afropunk Singer Should Be Very, Very Famous”




 “The hot new Paris-based band that mixes tribal sounds with garage rock”, aldus VICE. Zij is Faty Sy Savanet uit Lemba, het trendy district van Kinshasa in Congo. Hij is Nicolas Dacunha, uit de banlieue van Parijs. Samen vormen ze Tshegue, de belofte van dit jaar.

Hun debuut-ep Survivor (2017) wordt op handen gedragen door muziekpers. “It houses only four tracks, but every note is of dynamic, pulsing jubilation” aldus het muziekplatform NPR. Hun Afrikaanse drumpatronen combineert als een gedroomde baby met Parijse punk- en popinvloeden. Over één van de nummers op Survivor zegt NPR dan ook: “Like a car chase in an action movie, the track “Muanapoto” is exhilarating as it is unexpected — you’re not sure where the beat will take you next, but you already know you want to be along for the ride.”

“Get familiar with Tshegue now and expect to hear more in 2018.”

“This Afropunk Singer Should Be Very, Very Famous”
– VICE –




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