Friday 14 April

17:00 - 18:00, Theater Rotterdam - Entrance Hall

MOMO 2023

Tori Neti

Colorful Stories About Winti

This night story will give you a preview of Winti Bal Masqué at MOMO Festival!  Winti Bal Masqué is an intercultural festival that brings the Surinamese winti-culture and the European masked ball together in one festive dance ritual. It is a celebration of connection, love and self-expression. 

The story night is a collaboration between Met Raoul de Jong (writer), Marian Markelo (winti priestess), Mathieu Wijdeven (playwright), Boris van Berkum (artist) Taylors and Weavers (Koto specialists). During this night, you will listen to toris about winti, about ancestors and about the winti gods while the music, performances and a ritual give the stories power and color.  

Winti originated during the time of slavery. With the enslaved African ancestors, their god concepts also travelled with them to Suriname, where they became the building blocks of winti. Winti is a way of life, the essence is being with others; really having time for each other, both for people living on earth now and for your ancestors. Winti brings connection. You build happiness and well-being together for yourself and for others. Want to know more? Then come to this special event and feel welcome

Language: Dutch

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