Friday 14 April, Saturday 2 September

Perron, Kleine Zaal

MOMO 2023

Conversation Pit – Spatial Intervention by Tijs Struijk

Since 2008, there has been a smoking ban in the catering industry in the Netherlands. As a result, smoking is no longer allowed in a club’s designated hang-out. Therefore the hang-out area is visited less frequently in clubs. For that reason, this spatial intervention is an attempt to make this area of a club attractive again to get together and start a conversation just like before.

Tijs Struijk is a multidisciplinary designer interested in the social dynamics of public space in an urban context. His work often relates to subcultures, using the frame of counterculture actions to address a variety of topics ranging from social interactions to the use of public space.
The works of the Rotterdam based designer serve as functioning pieces, changing the existing architecture or emphasising what was already there.

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