Thursday 16 April, Friday 17 April, Saturday 18 April

    MOMO Festival 2019

    The Hanzi Space 字 閒

    Szu-Yi Wang

    Be sensitive with the shimmering flow; be evoked by the unknown language.

    Szu-Yi Wang is an interior architect, designer and artist shifting between various perspectives. Her art projects focus on subjects of the interior/interiority and socio-cultural discourses. Taking the word ‘interior’ as an intimate, sensible lens but not limited by its scale, she develops her personal language and methodology—with the sensibility from her Asian cultural background—through subtle but poetic ways.

    She uses her native language—Mandarin and its writing system Hanzi (Chinese characters) as the design tool. As a language abstract but full of imagination and interpretation, Hanzi provides her a way to ‘read’ the world. In fact, every Hanzi is a visualized concept, a ‘drawing’. With its logographic system especially including semantic and phonetic components, you can understand a compound through its appearance. In her project, the Hanzi ‘xian’ (閒)—which visualizes/depicts ‘the moonlight (月) streaming into the room through the gap between the two-leaf door (門)’—originally means ‘space, room, moment’. Those meanings are actually related to the scenario of ‘xian’. Inspired by the narrative of the Hanzi, Szu-Yi makes spatial miniature introducing the concepts of Hanzi xian through light and shadow, senses and her delicate craftsmanship.

    Language offers a chance to encounter, communicate and share. Here you are welcome to read the poetic theme behind the Asian language, immerse yourself and slow down your ‘pace’ in the Hanzi space—its imaginary boulevard.

    Szu-Yi comes from Taiwan; now she is based in Rotterdam, the Netherlands.

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