Friday 14 April

MOMO Festival 2023

Talk: MOMO X Het Wijkpaleis: iftar talk (NL)

Host: Evita de Roode

MOMO joins forces once again with the Wijkpaleis to organize an iftar on Friday 14 April. The vegetable meal is provided by volunteer cooks Jihan and Basma.

During this Talk we will discuss the collaboration together with Marieke Hillen, founder of the Wijkpaleis.

The Wikpaleis is all about making. Making in the sense of ‘manufacturing, creating, fabricating’ and about ‘making in life’. It is a place to learn from each other by making and doing business together. Due to the very different users, there is plenty of room for special encounters and cross-pollination. The Wijkpaleis was created in 2015 as an organically grown residents’ initiative. What started with lots of ideas, enthusiasm and voluntary commitment, but without a well-defined plan, has grown into a healthy neighborhood enterprise.

Language: Dutch

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