Friday 14 April

MOMO Festival 2019


SAFT invites you to dance (and squeeze) yourself into this night of exploration.

SAFT is SOFT, juicy, adaptable and changeable. It’s a night where you can let loose and try to soften the hard edges. A night full of resolute possibilities and potentials. SAFT is a space to try new combinations – we serve fluidity and invite you to explore it with us

We are local, fresh and organic.

Come sing your life with Massiah Carey and dance to the songs played by GodXXX Noirphiles. Let yourself be energized by House of the Living Colors and exhilarated by Colin Self.

This night we will create a place of celebration and resilience: SAFT celebrates liquidity tonight! 

Information on our floor and door policy below.
You stand for:

People who don’t take our door policy seriously, will be asked to take their dancing off our dance floor.

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