Saturday 2 September

14:30 - 15:30, Arminius

MOMO 2023


Be it a solo show or with a small ensemble, with a Baroque orchestra or a cappella: any performance by Pitou is breath-taking! For the Dutch artist, singing is simply the best possible expression of herself.

After 6 years from her performance at MOMO Festival, we are ecstatic to have Pitou in our line-up again for April 2023.

Pitou’s songs are intimate, deep, affecting. They create a world of their own, where the audience can step into, comforted by layered vocal harmonies. This earth-warming feeling of collectivity creates an atmosphere that is never melancholic or self-pitying. Even when dealing with the inexorable march of time, loss or heartache, Pitou infuses her songs with light and hope: “Here we are, stuck in the tear. But you’ll learn to swim here”.

After many tours, singles and two EPs, Pitou is ready to release her long-awaited album Big Tear: a rich, fearlessly creative collection of alternative pop that draws from her classical background; unexpected harmonies and song structures, vocal layering, loops, wistful melodies, and classical instruments all swirled together in stylish, clever ways.

The record also marks her own development as composer, she decided to “move away from the guitar being self-evidently always there”, telling the stories of her songs on stage with just her body and voice. Eager to move into other sonic worlds, she embraced the creative possibilities and self-produced the new songs including a bigger variety of instruments. For this upcoming LP she collaborated with percussionists Mischa Porte and Binkbeats, longstanding band members Marc Alberto (saxophone), Lieke Heusinkveld (keys), and Jasja Offermans (bass), SunSunSun String Orkestra and producer PJ Maertens.

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