Friday 14 April

MOMO Festival 2023

Nagasaki Swim

Rotterdammer Jasper Boogaard has been active in the Dutch independent scene for years, tapping on several fronts: songwriter, ambient music composer, producer and sound engineer. 

His main music project Nagasaki Swim unveils the lyrical depth of cult DIY artists, like Alex G and Phil Elvrum (The Microphones, Mount Eerie). At the same time, Boogaard’s songs are lifted by a handcrafted dreamy folk production, soundtracking road trips and nature escapes.

After the debut album The Mirror (2021), released by his own label Coaster Records, we are looking forward to the sophomore record “Everything Grows”, out on the 3rd of March.

“’Eternal’ is a poignant, soft-spoken track adorned by Marty Gottlieb-Hollis’ striking trumpet flourishes. It was written in direct aftermath of reading the “devastating” IPCC Report of 2021, which delineates the extent of humanity’s influence on nature. As just a single human being, your part in the grand scheme of things can feel small and insignificant, to a point where inertia becomes the only way to alleviate and process it all.” SINGLE REVIEW BY “BEATS PER MINUTE”

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