Saturday 15 April

20:00 - 21:00

MOMO Festival fabrique2022

Mathilde Nobel (live)

20:00 - 21:00

Mathilde Nobel is a well kept secret we would like to unveil. Less then a year she made her live debut at Draaimolen festival and she aroused the interest of many electronic music enthusiastic and professionals, including Marie Anne Hobbs from BBC Radio 6! 

Self-taught producer and singer, Mathilde Nobel started her creative activity as fine arts student and visual artist, while developing a producer activity in the night. Everything took a turn when she scouted, by people from Intercept record and Draaimolen festival, during her graduation show: she presented an art installation which was including some of her first music productions. Music that was originally self-published, but has been released again last April, in collaboration with Rotterdam-based label Nous’klaer Audio. 

Her tracks are experimental outputs, where she digs deeper into deconstructed emotional club music. Raw, emotion-fraught takes that strike as being sketches, making them all the more pure and powerful. An exercise in serenity and composure, while simultaneously revealing dark outskirts of her universe. 

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