Saturday 2 September

16:00 - 16:30, Playground

MOMO 2023


MOMO Playground (Free Entrance)

Let Lutalo draw you in their rich and absorbing world during their performance on the outdoor stage of MOMO Playground.

Introduced to music via the African drumming classes as a child in Minnesota, Lutalo was fascinated with the complex rhythms, like musical puzzle pieces. As they learned about the Black experience in America from their dad through music, they developed a love for hip hop and jazz, and in high school, Lutalo’s own work began to blossom. 

Now based in Vermont, Lutalo and their partner try out an alternative way of living and being with the intention to build a sustainable community for themselves. Following their well-received singles in 2021, Lutalo released their EP “Once Now, Then Again” in 2022. A fascinating mixture of folk, rock, and soul, the EP has a deliberately fluid sound. A sound that reflects Lutalo as an artist. 

This special EP extends an alluring welcome, crackling like a carefully tended fire. Lutalo’s sound is eminently comforting: acoustic guitar densely layered and enveloping, bobbing alongside subtle electronic touches, amiably puttering percussion and doleful vocals intimate enough to ruffle the finest ear hairs.”Review by the Guardian

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