Saturday 2 September

Citrusveiling, 18:00 - 18:45

MOMO Fabrique 2023

Kems Kriol (live)

The diverse surrounding in which he grew up, the industrial and resurrecting character or Rotterdam are omnipresent in Kems Kriol’s work, and they will come back during his special live performance for MOMO Fabrique Festival. The artist is currently busy with field recording sessions in the M4H: he is capturing the soundscape of the area (natural, mechanical, demolition sounds). This sonic material will be incorporated into an original composition that Kems Kriol will showcase during MOMO Fabrique on the 2nd of September.

Besides having a love for drums, percussion and beats he is heavily influenced by melodic and melancholic music played at home and clubs by his Latin American and West African family members and peers .
While DJ-ing (Reggae,Funk,Soul) at the club Nighttown in his early twenties and playing in various bands as a session player on festivals like North Sea Jazz , he becomes somewhat of a musical chameleon. From playing in bands/projects, having his own band, DJ-ing to producing music and performing as a singer/songwriter in Portuguese as well as his Native Spanish and Capeverdean Kriol.

2021 sees his first solo release “Equanimity” on the Nous’Klaer imprint The EP is presented at a sold-out WORM in his hometown during a label night.
In 2022 he curates a successful evening called “Continuum” presenting various international organic/electronic and visual artists at New Grounds in his hometown.
His Audio/Visual installation “Toxic Silence” is shown at the renown Schemerlicht Festival in Nijmegen.
Kems has the honour of scoring a Re:Vive edition of the National archive of sound and images .


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