Friday 14 April

19:45 - 20:30, Perron

MOMO 2023

Joya Mooi

Amsterdam based artist Joya Mooi creates music that unlocks feelings and overcomes darkness. By combining her South African roots with European productions, she brings an innovative R&B that combines jazz, trap, pop and hip-hop influences into an organic sound. With her unique voice and dreamy arrangements, Mooi takes you into her world where ideals are resolute, identity and spirituality go hand in hand, and happiness and beauty are never far away. Mooi dares to make bold choices, even addressing the colonial past of her own name. 

In January, Joya Mooi released the second part of her new album, “What’s Around The Corner”, on which she delves deeper into life’s big and small matters. On the self-reflective album, she addresses themes of spirituality, personal growth, social awareness and interpersonal connection. 
For the album she collaborated, among others, with Sim Fane, Elijah Waters and SIROJ.

During MOMO Festival 2023 you can discover makers and artists with a bicultural background and dive into their world of their mixed identity. Find out more about our program “Unified”!

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