Sunday 16 April

15:00 - 17:00 BRUTUS

MOMO fabrique2022


Johan, better known by his stage name JJAQ is a Brussels-born, Rotterdam-based selector (DJ) and an aspiring producer with Togolese roots.

As the son of a father with disc jockey dreams and ambitions, he already had a major CD and vinyl collection within his reach at a young age. Being born with a firm amount of curiosity and Togolese roots, he sifted through his dad’s collection. He listened and danced to the records of different genres. His taste evolved and he grew a fondness for a rough form of black music, which made him observe different artists more and more.

This led to a unique eclectic genre-bending style, which he describes as a “raw baseline with a funk”, including (deep) house, funk, disco, leftfield, and hip-hop. Where sometimes music is inseparable from fashion, movies, or culture, JJAQ wants that the music is associated with himself. Driven by his feelings, surroundings, and what happens within them. That’s where most of his inspiration comes from.

JJAQ has also been playing outside of his hometown in clubs in Berlin (as part of Einhundert), London, Paris, and New York City. He is formerly associated with Het Verbond (Rotterdam, NL), where they were trying to bring new energy to the city with artists such as Philou Louzolo, Beesmunt Soundsystem, Midland, Victor Crezée, Jeremy Underground, Tom Trago, and Rob Manga.

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