Saturday 2 September

Fruitvis, 18:45 - 19:30

MOMO Fabrique 2023

Ishtar Bakhtali

Ishtar Bakhtali is a vocalist/composer implementing Carnatic (South Indian classical), jazz, electronics and Latin influences in her narrative compositions. Recent work often focuses on the relation/friction between humanity and nature. Lyrics are often inspired by travel, feminism and the social/climate theme and compositions range from introverted and atmospheric to rhythmic and playful.

The work of Ishtar is an ongoing playful exploration into sound and an invitation for the listener to both connect inwardly as well as join into the musical universe she creates. With  her voice, small percussion, analog tape loops and loop station she weaves musical influences together into tiny worlds for the listener to travel in.

This performance is made possible by RAUW and Jazz International Rotterdam. 

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