Saturday 15 April

04:00 - 06:00, WORM

MOMO Festival 2023

Gamma Intel

WORM presents: roffa resiDANCE

Gamma Intel is out to surprise, both as a DJ and a producer. He wants to find unfamiliar nuances in familiar worlds. He looks to collide unlikely sound sources into something fresh. A meticulous studio craft is at the heart of what he does, but it does not define it. Above all he wants to make you dance, just not to what you might expect. The Dutchman has been on this quest since he debuted in 2017. Back then the music he made was very different from what he makes now, and what he will make tomorrow. 

As a DJ he draws on the same cross-over sounds and is just as keen to be in constant motion. Whether playing fast or slow, light or dark, heavy or uplifting, it is the control of energy that underlines everything. The ability of a track to leave listeners asking how and why. That means a beatless piece might appear in the middle of a set to grab the attention before a distorted bass line blows up the club. Whatever it may be, the tracks he plays must be creative and interesting, whether that’s a glitched-up vocal, wonky rhythm, or off-pitch bassline.

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