Saturday 2 September

Chefaro, 14:00- 14:30

MOMO Fabrique 2023


Playground (Free Entrance)

Fragmented is a collaboration between Afronaut and Giorgi Kuiper, two Rotterdam producers and multi-instrumentalists with a passion for electronic music, synthesizers and live performances. 

Giorgi toured the country for years with his band, De Likt, who were known for their bizarre and energetic live shows. Afronaut came along as a standard guest artist and delighted the audience with his warm vocal lines.

After their performance at MOMO Festival in April, they’ll join forces again for a show at MOMO Fabrique using sound recordings from different cultures to create live music. The result will be an energetic jam session with recognisable elements that are completely overturned. Expect a danceable live set with influences from house, hip-hop and jazz.

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