Saturday 2 September

Theater Rotterdam - Kleine Zaal

MOMO 2023


Performance by FOKOVISME

Ramos Sama, event organizer and choreographer, & Spitler, scenographer and rapper, both have ties to different regions of Africa and were both raised with a love for hip-hop and many other art and cultural forms. Their sources of inspiration include art history, graffiti, hieroglyphics, 3D, 2D, rap music, roots, occult, afrofuturism and much much more! Together they form the eclectic collective FOKOVISME that will present the PL3MONS during MOMO Festival 2023.

PL3MONS is a hybrid, Afro-futuristic, 3D-style multimedia performance that floats on a post-apocalyptic scenario: climate change is a reality and the population is in survival mode. FOKOVISME immerses the audience in a new reality, where plastic lives and plants gaze at you.

This performance absorbs you into the universe of alien-like creatures called PL3MONS. These alien, parasitic creatures find through plastic a host to wreak havoc and destruction on Earth. In TU1N D3r PRUTS3N, plant spirits are the embodiment of nature and the opposites of the PL3MONS. PL3MONS is about the predatory role of plastic and other polluters.

Saturday: 19:00 – 19:45 and 21:00 – 21:45

PL3MONS is made possible also thanks to ACT (Art Climate & Transition) EU Creative Europe.

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