MOMO Festival

Feel the City – a sensorial urbanism experience

(This tour is in English)

High buildings, amazing shapes, bright colours, oversized advertising, nightlights…Aesthetics, design and visuals have taken power over our senses.

Give your eyes a bit of rest and join us!

Become blind during the time of a walk. Let your guide take you by the hand, he will be your eyes. Feel confident.

Now you can let yourself go and enjoy. You will hear, taste, smell and feel the city. Use all your senses again and recombine them to change the perception of your daily environment!

Will you only be able to recognize where we went?

Guide: Julie

Day: saturday 10th april (FULL!!!)
Time: 12:00 -14:00

Day: sunday 11th april
Time: 11:00 – 13:00

Meeting point: Gidsenbalie (guides desk) Schouwburgplein

Subscribe now for this tour! Send an email to gidsentocht@motelmozaique.nl with in the subject the name of the tour and your full name in the email.

Whenever a tour is full, we’ll let you know on the website. If a tour is not full, you can also come  to the gidsenbalie at Schouwburgplein during the festival weekend and apply there.

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