Saturday 2 September

01:00 - 02:00 WEELDE

MOMO fabrique2022

De Schuurman

Bubbling is a music movement that has been a crucial part of the Netherland’s Afro-diasporic club landscape at the turn of the century. And as a new generation of wide-eyes young DJs and producers began to take the reins, it evolved accordingly.

The Hague producer and DJ De Schuurman also grew up with it and is now breathing new life into the genre. His uncle, DJ Chippie, is a veteran of the Bubbling scene. De Schuurman himself was already spinning as a teenager more than ten years ago in clubs like Thalia and Off Corso. Recently his career reached new heights: he has been behind the decks for Boiler Room, in events in France, Senegal and Greece, but he has also performed at Le Guess Who, Garage Noord and at our MOMO Festival last April.

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