Friday 14 April

21:00 - 22:30, Roodkapje

MOMO Festival 2023

Dark Grey Almost Black – A Performative Experiment

Open Call Selection

This immersive, site-specific and interdisciplinary performative experiment flourishes from the collaboration between Marta Wörner, Nikos Ten Hoedt and two “undercover” dance performers. 

Nikos, Rotterdam-based music producer, creates and plays hypnotic and playful percussive tracks that encourage both movement and deep listening. Marta, who has been exploring how to activate philosophical knowledge from the observation and experience of the kinetics of the body in relation to space, translates the physicality of the scenes she witnessed in the Dutch young clubbing nightlife to her own movement vocabulary. Subtle dance interventions emerge from and melt into a nightclub experience. 

Audience members and performers grasp the poetic potentiality that arises from every small event and movement. Whether those are arranged ahead for the performers or improvised by the audience, remains unknown.

Created with the support of NORMA Fonds

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