Friday 14 April

Theater Rotterdam - Kleine Zaal

MOMO 2023

Anne-Fay’s Reaspora

Anne-Fay's Reaspora

Wondering how she can use the privilege of her white skin to stand for black women’s rights as the daughter of a black mother, Anne-Fay went on a journey across three continents to explore her family history, which was heavily influenced by the colonial past of the Netherlands. Anne-Fay will present her performance, Reaspora, at MOMO Festival!

For her performance, Anne-Fay and her brother and filmmaker Felix travelled along three continents to follow their family diaspora in the opposite direction. From the Netherlands through Aruba and Curaçao to Suriname, China and Ghana, they searched for the stories of their ancestors. They met their relatives, visited special places and made music with local producers. The music was compiled into the album ‘Reaspora’. 

Together with her brother, she built an impressive live performance for this album where you will see the visuals they shot during their journey as the silent witnesses to an emotional family history.

Friday: 19:30-20:30 and 21:30-22:30

Language: dialogue in Dutch, songs in English

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