Saturday 15 April

22:00 - 23:00 BRUTUS

MOMO Festival fabrique2022

Animistic Beliefs (live)

If you are an electronic music enthusiast, there’s no way you haven’t attended an Animistic Beliefs set. If you attended an Animistic Beliefs set, there’s no way you don’t want to repeat the spiritual experience. Their acid bass driven, creole musical language, is one of the most adventurous sounds in the IDM scene and it’s getting attention in clubs and festivals all over Europe.

The Rotterdam-based duo and their machines are all in one and together they give life to an exhilarating hybrid of stormy techno, punk vocals, South-East Asian tonality and tribal rhythms. Inspired by tireless technical, historical and emotional research, Animistic Beliefs embody pre-colonial thought and posthumanism by celebrating and unifying countercultural influences.

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