Community Ambassador: Sharvin Ramjan

Sharvin is a creative consultant, moderator, artist and talent coordinator whose first encounter with MOMO Festival was when he hosted a panel talk at MOMO Playground on Schouwburgplein.

Reflecting on this experience, he told us: “It was very interesting. I did interviews with a variety of artists as a moderator. Even though I work in the cultural sector myself within arts and design, I did not know a lot about the music industry. So it was quite interesting to learn about new artists, what they are doing, how they work, and how they contribute to the world as artists. I found that very inspiring.”

Although it was his first time at MOMO Festival, he was thrilled to be part of it last year and he cannot wait to get inspired this and upcoming years: “It’s such a Rotterdam vibe. It’s very experimental, the vibe is very laid back, the people who are there are very diverse and the atmosphere as a whole feels like it can only exist in Rotterdam.”

Reflecting on the campaign of MOMO Festival 2023 “Makes You Wonder”, Sharvin shared that everything he does comes from curiosity, the desire to learn about people and their perspectives on different things.
“People, in general, make me wonder. This is what I am most curious about, always. I am just curious about people and what they do, how they behave, where they eat, what they eat, why they do what they do, their culture, lifestyle, sense of fashion. I am curious about what gives them a sense of pride and what their story is. Most of the time, it’s a story that I have not heard before and I think that’s what I like about people. In my various jobs, I meet and collaborate with many different people who share their very personal experiences with me and I always try to give a warm feeling and make people feel welcome and free to express themselves however they want. That is always wonderful.”

Sharvin Ramjan. Shot by Ashley Röttjers
Sharvin Ramjan. Shot by Ashley Röttjers

Set Design: Elsemarijn Bruys
Photography: Ashley Röttjers
Video: Studio Nul