Community Ambassador: Gil The Grid

Gil ’the Grid’ Gomes Leal is a movement artist, dance performer, and the artistic leader of Amenti Theater Company. He has been working with Motel Mozaïque for over five years, carrying out a series of notable performances, workshops, and photo exhibitions, such as Elemental Exchange, Ayahuasca and Cacao Ceremony (2019), Kali (2021) and Lilith (2022). We support Gil under ‘de Nieuwe Makersregeling’ (of The Performing Arts Fund NL), a regulation that supports young professionals in The Netherlands through coaching and financial support. 

The unique collaboration was established in 2017, after Gil’s performance with Sevdalize astounded MOMO’s founder Harry. The relationship between Gil and MOMO has been very fruitful, as both of them share similar motivations and mindsets. One of MOMO’s most important goals is to drive innovation in the arts while offering space for the individual development of artists. In line with what MOMO can offer, Gil the Grid strives for a stronger dance company “that is internationally recognized as one of the few professional Black companies in the Netherlands”, all the while developing himself as an international theater maker and giving voice to unheard stories. 

A few performances are already being brought to life, guided by the values and aspirations of both MOMO and Gil. Nom.nos, the theater performance premiering at MOMO’s upcoming April 2023 edition, is inspired by and has a focus on the West African diaspora: myths, traditions, and tribes of these cultures connect to the contemporary existence through archetypal and universal stories.

Motel Mozaique’s team will continue to nurture this beautiful collaboration by facilitating the evolution of Gil ‘the Grid’ Gomes Leal in his individual creation process, as well as the further progress of Amenti Theater Company.

Gil The Grid. Shot by Ashley Röttjers
Gil The Grid. Shot by Ashley Röttjers

Set Design: Elsemarijn Bruys
Photography: Ashley Röttjers
Video: Studio Nul