During MOMO Fabrique Festival, including our opening dinner on Friday 1 September, the doors of Brutus will be open to pre-view the new expo Petromelancholia.

The exhibition, curated by Alexander Klose, examines the enormous consequences of a life beyond oil, the magnitude of which many do not yet realize. Unlike the many exhibitions that sing about doom scenarios or kick in the open doors of the climate crisis, Petromelancholia reflects on the legacy of the oil age and the new meaning that this past will irrevocably acquire. What has oil brought us, materially and especially culturally, and what might disappear or change?

Outdoors in the Beeldentuin, N8W8 and Bibliotheek Rotterdam are curating a program in which mental well-being and nightlife are central, with special guests YungWorld and Haroon Ali.

2 September 2023 | 12:00 – 17:00
Playground x MOMO Fabrique
Free Access
M4H, Rotterdam