Wunderbaum confirmed for Motel Mozaique

Once again we have Wunderbaum as guests in our motel! “Antarctica is the last place where you may drop down, when you shake the earth and can’t stay put anywhere else.” Inspired by this quote from the documentary ‘Encouters at the End of the World’ by German filmmaker Werner Herzog, the collective Wunderbaum and theatre makers Touki Delphine work together in the performance ‘Songs at the End of the World’. These actors and musicians share a love for roaming, and stories about the homeless. They rewrote their lives using childhood photographs, sunk to the bottom of the world in their thoughts, and met their other selves in their dreams: the adventurers, scientists, professional dreamers and fulltime travellers who they, deep down, actually are.

During the Motel Mozaique 2012 festival, on Friday 20 April, Wunderbaum will perform a compilation of the songs from ‘Songs at the End of the World’. On a very special location, which we will announce soon..