Wanted: volunteers!

Enthusiastic about Motel Mozaique’s extensive music, arts and performance program, but your bank account does not agree with buying a ticket? Volunteer at Motel Mozaique!

Just before, during and after the festival (April 4 & 5), we could use some extra help. The more hands, the better! You could fulfill tasks like checking tickets, building the sleeping project or providing breakfast in a shift of 8 hours max. In exchange for your help, you will receive our eternal gratitude, a nice MM-shirt and free access to one of the festival days! That way, you can enjoy the best performances, exciting guided tours and inspiring art for free.

Would you like to help make Motel Mozaique 2014 a succes? Please send your personal information, age, gender, shirt size, telephone number and experience with volunteering during earlier editions of Motel Mozaique to vrijwilligers(at)motelmozaique.nl and we will get back to you in the end of Feb!