Vers Beton’s tips for Motel Mozaique

We asked some interesting people with diverse backgrounds to share their tips for Motel Mozaique 2013. Discover new acts with of Fay van der Wall, editor at Vers Beton.

“Everyone who has not yet been there, should definitely take a look inside the Paradijskerk. It is great that this special place is now a festival location.”

The Party is Over
What: In 2011, artist Gyz La Rivière bought the neon letters NIGHTTOWN. Recently he has been exhibiting the letters as a piece of art.
Why: “Motel Mozaique arose more or less in Nighttown and I have got a lot of memories about that place. That is why I think it is great that Gyz La Riviere owns the letters and exhibits them. It is a kind of tangible snapshot of something that does not exist anymore. Must-see for the loyal Motel Mozaique visitor.”

Jaga Jazzist & Sinfonia Rotterdam
What: Jaga Jazzist creates groundbreaking music. The Norwegian band and the orchestra Sinfonia Rotterdam  is een niet te te classificeren collectief met grensverleggende muziek. De Noorse band en het orkest Sinfonia Rotterdam in a spectacular cooperation!
Why: “I might have to wait in line for the performance of Jagga Jazzist, but it is worth it. These Norwegians will blow you away with their brilliant musicality. I am very curious about how they will sound in cooperation with Sinfonia Rotterdam.”

What: dreamy lo-fi indie with a psychedelisch sound.
Why: “Saturdaynight I will go and see TEEN perform at Rotown. I did not know this band, but thanks to the comparison to Warpaint, I got curious. Fortunately, they have got their own sound: a bit psychedelic, beatiful vocals and all of this with an edge.”

“Finally I would like to invite everyone to Vers Beton’s Walking Talkshow! One of the guests is Rory de Groot, who will perform his  show ‘Hand in Hand’ at Motel Mozaique.”

Fay van der Wall is editor at Vers Beton. This online magazine writes about Rotterdam in a critical and enthousiastic way. The theme in their work is that they act out of love for the city of Rotterdam.