Update: guided tours

Let the guides of Motel Mozaïque 2015 lead you to unforgettable locations in Rotterdam and remarkable happenings within the festival. You will discover the city from a new point a view with remarkable stories, memories, histories and performances.

You’ll find a small summary of guided tours for the fifteenth edition of Motel Mozaïque down below. The presale didn’t start off yet, the exact date will soon be announced.

Tattoo Tour
Consider street art as if they were tattoos on a human body; from advertisement paintings to graffiti.

Human Chess
Pick a favorite building to play with, wrap yourself in it and play a game of chess as if you are part of the Rotterdam city centre.

Travelling Time – 75 years of bombardment
Have a look into the past with your own eyes and see the city of Rotterdam during the bombardments and after it.

Motel Mindful
Have a little bit of chill time during the busy festival and learn how to live in the NOW with Motel Mindful.

Baby Tour 2.0.
Especially for people with babies and children because of the huge success last year.

Work-out Plaza Mozaïque
For a strong and fresh festival experience, join a great work-out at the Schouwburgplein!

The Guides have been part of the festival since the second edition and have proven themselves to be a vital feature of the festival. The initiative came from enthusiastic visitors, designers, art & cultural students and other people with heart for Rotterdam and for the festival!Please take notice: the presale of the guided tours did not start yet. More information soon.