Under My Umbrella

Rotterdam Ballroom Arena presents 

Under My Umbrella – a performance evening 
as part of MOMO 2023 Festival

15 April 2023
Baanhof, Rotterdam

Just like an umbrella, Ballroom forms a space where we can escape the rain. It welcomes and celebrates what is often overlooked and not understood whether this is our cultural background, identity or sexuality. Under My Umbrella is a performance evening curated by Rotterdam Ballroom Arena for the MOMO 2023 Festival. We invite you, in and out of ballroom, to come and celebrate with us. This evening, taking place on the 15th of April 19:00-23:00 at Baanhof, includes five performances by artists from the Dutch ballroom community. 

Come and experience:

NOS BIDA by Shaquille (he/they)
THE BODY’S LANGUAGE by Sary (any pronouns)
BLEND by Naimah Janse “Naimah Elle” (she/her) and Elejandro Martinez “Elly Vineyard” (he/him)
FINDING BLOOD Anh Khoa Trần (they/them), Michael “Elle” Lubbers (he/him), Jordy “Elle” Jansen (they/them)
TIME FOR T by Marie-Léa Morales “Karmella Kobra” (she/her), Jordy Jansen “Jordy Elle” (they/them), Danijel Petrovic “Yugo Angels” (he/him)
Bella O Pattinasarany “Bella Dolcé” (she/her)