Tours to rooftops, the harbour and construction sites

Our goal is to provide the visitors of Motel Mozaique the best weekend! Besides music, art and performance we try to achieve this by showing them the best spots in town. Besides the dozens of tours by the Guides of Motel Mozaique we have developed two spectacular new tours especially for the Stay over for the Weekend concept:

Harbour tour: Fabrique Mozaique

Motel Mozaique takes you to the harbour! You will depart by boat from Rotterdam city centre for a trip through the Port of Rotterdam. This special harbour tour is a sneak peek of Fabrique Mozaique, a new project which is developed by Motel Mozaique in cooperation with the Wereldhavendagen (World Port Days). In this maritime version of Motel Mozaique, the (roughness of the) industry and the Rotterdam harbour will be the source of inspiration and the location. Read more

Rooftop tour: Poems from a Rooftop

Motel Mozaique takes you on a rooftop excursion, in which you can discover and admire Rotterdam’s roofscape. Rotterdam Archiguides, Architecture Institute Rotterdam (AIR) and Architecture Film Festival Rotterdam (AFFR) will develop a program with so called ‘rooftop sessions’, where rooftops in the city centre of Rotterdam will function as a stage. Read more

Construction site tour: Parfum de BoemBoem

Not new, but definitely on repeat due to great success: The construction site tour – or Parfum de BoemBoem. Rotterdam changes quickly and radically. Construction sites, cranes and wrecking balls create chaos in the streets and announce a new beginning. Skyscrapers rise quicker than their shadows, old buildings are torn down. The heart of the city transforms completely to a place where living, working and leisure come together. With titillating routes along construction sites, we tempt you to witness the changes in the city. Read more

The weekend is gonna be great!!