Motel Mozaique also uses its website for highlighting other interesting concerts, festivals or other happenings. On 15 September ‘Beukorkest’ plays Off_Corso in Rotterdam with their ‘Steal The Trumpet Show’. Beukorkest consists of musicians with very different backgrounds who come together for a short period. The music swings between free jazz, broken beats, rock, spoken word, blues and pop trash. Sometimes twenty people strong, the orchestra produces a stunning musical collage with a lot of room for imagination and dynamism.

Beukorkest bestaat uit muzikanten met zeer uiteenlopende achtergronden die voor een korte periode samenkomen. De muziek laveert tussen freejazz, broken beats, rock, spoken word, trashblues en pop. Soms wel twintig man sterk produceert het orkest een overdonderende muzikale collage met veel ruimte voor improvisatie en dynamiek.

The unique composition of Beukorkest – during previous editions Stuurbaard Beard, Gary Lucas (Captain Beefheart), Dead Elvis, Kyteman, Andre Manuel, and Def P (Osdorp Posse) participated – offering ample space to experiment, with each , the instruments and the audience. A total experience, adventure and surprising. This year the band includes at least the American singer-songwriter Johnny Dowd who was among those at the kickoff of the project. In addition, Solex, DJ DNA (Stuurbaard Bakkebaard / Urban Dance Squad), and members of the bands Crappy Dog and Woody & Paul will be part of the group.

Tickets are 15 euro, available at www.off-corso.nl or at recordstores Plato and Velvet Music in Rotterdam.